10 Amazing Places to explore near Bengaluru

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Bengaluru, formally known as Banglore is the capital city of Karnataka. It is one of the largest cities in India. Bengaluru is also known as the Silicon Valley of India and is situated 949 meters above sea level in the southeastern part of Karnataka. Bengaluru is extremely famous for its technical hub but along with that, it offers some great spots to travel lovers. There are a number of unexplored places near Bangalore that are worth your visit. If you are living in Bengaluru or visiting the city for a few weeks then don’t forget to visit these amazing places. These must-visit places to explore near Bengaluru will give you a blissful experience full of adventure and peace. So, let’s get started with this blog on “10 Amazing Places to Explore Near Bengaluru”.

Places to Explore Near Bengaluru:

1. Mandaragiri Hills

2. Gudibande Fort

3. Ganalu Falls

4. Channarayana Durga

5. Hutridurga Fort

6. Devarayana Durga

7. Dandiganahalli Dam

8. Mankonahalli Dam

9. Yelagiri

10. Swamimalai

1. Mandaragiri Hills: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

It is a calm, serene and peaceful place about 70kms from Bengaluru. Mandanagiri is like the hidden beauty of Bengaluru with minimal or no crowd. The main benefit of going here is that you can even indulge in hiking to the top of the hill adjacent to it and capture the magnificent view from there. Additionally, you can go to the other side of the hill and relax amid the calm water of the Mydala lake. This is a lovely weekend getaway from the maddening traffic of the city and busy lifestyle. 

2. Gudibande Fort: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

This fort is about 95 km from Bengaluru city. Gudibande fort consists of a beautiful ride an easy trek and a calm and quiet aura. This place is also less explored and therefore remains less crowded throughout the year. The views from the top are amazing with mountains on the one side and a steep slope on the other. This place is famous for its hill fort and the temple of Lord Shiva. The one day trip from Bengaluru will help you to explore the hill fort of Gudibande and a small dam at Jakkalamadugu. The calmness of this spot makes it among the best places to explore near Bengaluru.

3. Ganalu Falls: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

Ganalu Falls, 95 kilometres away from Bengaluru. The best time to visit this fall is during peak monsoon since water flow will be good. Post-Ganalu Village there is a pure off-road of 2.5 km to reach the falls Arena and post that there are 500 meters of pleasureful stiff tracking in between green bars. One can reach the falls if water flow is less by gliding over the Rocky cliffs. The simplicity of this place makes it one of the best places to explore near Bengaluru.

The Shimsha River cascades down to form the Ganalu Falls. It is surrounded by a rocky outcrop and needs a short walk to reach its destination. The Shimsha River continues down the Shimshapura Hydro Electric Plant. This area is accessible to some extent by two wheels and not so much by four wheels. The road to the waterfall is a narrow mud road. It is a lesser-known waterfall. There are not many people near the falls other than local people and bicycles.

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4. Channarayana Durga: Bengaluru

It’s a beautiful one-day walk with a view of the castle history. This place is 95 km from Bengaluru. This is a balanced track. Try to keep Stony stairs some tracks like mud and slippery. The upper castle has a beautiful view. There is a Lake midway on the climb that was well stocked with edible items if you would like to attract fish to the lake.

A good location with difficult tracks at first may not be for people who are following for the first time. Climbing is not easy as you have no steps or support to hold. This is especially difficult when it is raining.

This is a great place to go, but you will need to be very careful during the first 30-45 minutes of the trip.

5. Hutridurga Fort: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

Hutridurga is also known as Uttari Betta a small hill about 65 km from Bangalore. It is in Tumkur’s Kunigal taluk and has recently gained popularity as one of the best one-day trip near Bangalore. The total trek of this hill is 5km up & down. It’s an easy journey to do and can be done by people of all ages. This small hill station is one of the most beautiful places to explore near Bengaluru.

6. Devarayana Durga: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

Devarayanadurga is a temple town and a hill station located in the Tumkuru district of Karnataka province. The rocky hills are surrounded by forest and the mountains are filled with several temples including Yoganarasimha and Boganarasimha temples and a height of 1204 meters.

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7. Dandiganahalli Dam

It is very beautiful and has a lot of greenery all around. It is an unexplored and less popular place.

Great for a day trip with family and kids. Please take food and water, as there are no shops or hotels. And don’t forget to take an umbrella or shadows as they are open lands. It’s a must-visit spot from the list of places to explore near Bengaluru.

8. Mankonahalli Dam

Mankonahalli Dam is the first dam with auto cyclo technology in Karnataka. A good place to spend a couple of hours having a small Park to sit and chit chat. Can climb, step and enjoy the water level, then admire the efforts of the people who built it. Don’t forget to put this spot in your list of places to explore near Bengaluru.

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9. Yelagiri: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

Yelagiri is a short getaway from Bangalore. Yelagiri is a nice getaway from city life and not far from Bangalore. It’s a 150-kilometre drive from Bangalore and you can spend a nice weekend or have a stopover at this Hill station on route to some other destination. The town is small, one has a small Lake to do boating and has a very nice nature Park followed by a few nearby thrill adventure activities. Not a must visit but definitely a weekend relaxation option.

10. Swamimalai: Places to Explore Near Bengaluru

Swamimalai is located in Yelagiri. This is a nice trekking destination for adventurers. The track starts at base camp where Anjaneya Deity is on rock and climbing gets steep. It takes one hour for reaching the top for an excellent view. There is silence that makes you feel forest Jackfruit trees are plenty on route one. Must care during rainy season and permissions required from Forest Department. This is the last but not the least on the list of places to explore near Bengaluru.

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