11 Best Travel Apps That Every Traveller Must Have

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have

Every time you travel the app helps you discover the hidden treasures of the world, share your experience with others and you can track your time on the road. Travel apps allow you to choose the route, choose your time, and see where you are as you travel. Take away some stress by working from your apps while you’re away. Make your travels easier and you won’t have to struggle to find parking or follow the confusing signs of a new city. Use an app to control your smart lights, smart thermostat, smart security system, or buy from your phone the last thing you bought at the store.

Personal Stories from Travellers

These personal stories come from travelers around the world. Travelers say that if they didn’t carry their smartphones, they wouldn’t have been able to make their journeys. This was especially true for those who traveled to Africa and Asia where smartphones and the internet aren’t as prevalent. But their stories of travel have an important message to be remembered. Travel should be about experience and that is what a smartphone offers. Travelers love the GPS and traveling is easier when you use an app.

Travelers have developed travel experiences based on these apps and they talk about that all the time.

Here are some travel apps that could make your travel experience more seamless. Travelers looking to get there and back are able to use apps like Google Maps for navigation, Apple Maps for finding the shortest routes, Bing to look up the best hotels, Yelp for finding great restaurants, and TripAdvisor for getting an idea of what to see. 

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Some more apps like these are:

1. Hotels.com

whenever you are visiting a whole new place, about which you know nothing. At such times you definitely need someone or something to guide you through that way. Hotels.com is a preferred website by travellers for getting affordable hotel deals and locations. 

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | hotels.com | travel

The most important thing about visiting a place is to find a nice place to stay. And this app or website makes it easy for you to get your dream stay in that city.

2. Foursquare

Foursquare has been a great app for discovering new places to explore in the city. You choose where to go, what to do, and what to do after you return to the hotel. Everything is tracked and shared and you can find great restaurants, nightclubs, events, and new travel experiences. You can even keep track of your travel trips on Foursquare and check the reviews for the hotel you are staying in and you can even find interesting travel apps by exploring the App Store.

3. Airbnb

Nowadays home rentals or hostel bookings are getting more famous among travellers. Because of their affordable price and easy availability these services are gaining popularity. By using the Airbnb application you can easily find amazing home rentals or hostels to stay in any country or city you visit. 

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | Airbnb | travel

The main mantra of this app is “Search.Book.Travel.Explore” and this is what this application makes possible for you.

4. TripIt

TripIt is an all-in-one solution for organizing all the documents involved in your journey. It makes it possible for you to keep your documents such as tickets, licenses, hotel booking confirmations, restaurant bookings, and a lot more in one place. 

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | TripIt | travel

With this app you won’t have the fear of los ing any document while travelling. A lot of travellers use this app and highly recommend you to use it as well. 

5. PackPoint

Have you ever thought that any simple application canmake your packing better and easier? If not then let me tell you it’s absolutely true. PackPoint is an app that segregates all the information related to your journey and gives you a summary for the items that you should definitely pack. This application will ask for information such as : Where are you going, what will you do there, what will be the duration of your stay and so on. And on the basis of your answers it will decide your packing list.

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | PackPoint | travel

6. RoadTrippers

Going on a successful Road trip is every traveller’s dream. And to make it easier and better here we have a RoadTrippers app that helps in planning your road trips in a better way. It not only finds the best possible route for your drive but also allows you to book hotels and restaurants in the way.

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Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | Roadtrippers | travel

Travellers always keep looking for ways to make their journey easier and this app does it for sure. 

7. Trivago

If you’re traveling, you want to have an app that can help you find the best hotels to stay at. This app can help you save money and find hotels that are close to the places you’re going to visit and where you can actually go and explore.

People say that this app is the best travel app to plan and save for your trip. There are thousands of hotels on this app and this app helps people to look for hotels that are close to the best places they want to go. People say that this app is going to make traveling to different places much easier.

When you travel, this is a great app to use.

8. Kayak

If you’re planning your trips well and you’re saving your money for your travel, you’re going to love the Kayak app. Travelers say that Kayak helps them save money and travel efficiently, and they save their money using this app.

When you’re planning your trip, you’re going to love the Kayak app.

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | kayak.com | travel

It’s easy to save money and travel efficiently with this app, and you can use this app to save money and find travel deals.

It’s like having travel apps at your fingertips and this is why this is the best app to travel on your trip.

If you’re planning your trips well and saving money, you’re going to love the Kayak app.

9. FlightAware

If you’re planning your trips well and saving your money for your travel, you’re going to love the FlightAware app. People say that this app helps them to perfectly monitor the times of their flights. It gives us information about any kind of delay or cancelation. 

With the help of this application you can easily get all the current information related to your flight and thereby can plan your day accordingly.

10. Google Translate

When travelling to some place with a different language culture, Google translate will be at your rescue. It is one of the most recommended applications from travellers for language issues. If you are going to an entirely new place about which you have no information then google translate can make it a lot easier for you to communicate and interact with the locals.


Meetup is an amazing app that will help you to easily connect with the locals and other travellers that share the same interests as you. On this platform there are communities having the same hobbies or interests. On Meetup you can get to know more about different travellers from all over across the globe and share your experience with them. This app make us capable of knowing more about different cultures and people.

Best Travel apps that every traveller must have | mitrra blogs | travel mitrra | meetup | travel


When people travel, they don’t go anywhere, but they stay somewhere in their desired destination. Travelers say that these travel apps save money and let them travel well

It’s fun to save money and plan your trips, but it’s also great to plan your trips with the help of these amazing travel apps.

If you want to travel better, you can plan and save for your trip and get all the travel apps that travelers love and use.

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