5 Astonishing And Mysterious Temples of India

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There are many strange sites in India that are pure fantasy. The exotic locations and the bizarre statues, which some claim were created by gods and supernatural beings, make for some truly interesting places to visit. Many temples in India are mysterious and deep. If you have the chance to see any of these sites, or even just one of these, then you’ll be sure to share the experience with friends and family, and you’ll be able to tell stories about it for years to come. The religious and spiritual belief of Indians makes them different from other people living in this world. People from all across the world visit these Mysterious Temples of India and praise their beauty. 

These mysterious temples of India hold some extraordinary powers and sites that leave our mind and beliefs stunned. So, in this blog, we will be looking at some amazing and astonishing temples of India that will surely make you amazed.

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Mahendipur Balaji Temple, Rajasthan: Exorcise Your Demons

This extraordinary temple of India is located in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. People from all the corners of India visit this temple to get relief from evil spirits. The priests of this temple are well trained in exorcism. They use a number of methods like Arji, Sawamai and Darkhast to free people from their pain. 

Because of this unique quality, This Mysterious temple of India is famous all over the world. Many scientists and scholars from different countries of the world come here to do their studies and research about this temple. 

Kamakhya Devi Temple, Assam: The Menstruating Goddess

This temple is one of the most worshipped places in north-eastern India. The story of this mysterious temple of India has a very important place in our religion. The story of this temple goes like this:

According to our Mythologies, Lord Vishnu has cut Mata Sati into 51 parts through his Chakra(The Brahma Weapon). Lord Vishnu did this to hinder the affection of Lord Shiva towards Mata Sati. And those 51 parts of Mata Sati fell on different regions and those places came to be known as Shaktipeeth of Mata Sati.

It is believed that Mother’s cunt fell in Assam and where this extraordinary temple named Kamakhya Devi was built. 

Now comes the mysterious part of this temple. Every year in the month of June, the Ambubachi named fair is held here. During this fair, the water of the Brahmaputra river is found red for three days. People believe that during these days Mata Sati menstruates.

For those three days, the temple is kept closed for men. And also the idol is covered with a white cloth which becomes red during those three days.  

Nidhivan Temple, Vrindavan: God’s Own Abode

Nidhivan Temple is dedicated to Lord Shri Krishna. This beautiful glory of Krishna is located in the Vrindavan region of India. Now you may end up thinking what mystery can this temple hold. More than half of the area of this temple is nothing but a dry forest. The thing that makes this temple one of the most mysterious temples of India is that the roots, trunks and branches of all the trees of this temple are hollow. 

A lot of scientists have researched this point but found nothing. Despite the fact that the trunk, branches and roots of the trees are hollow, the leaves of those trees remain green throughout the year.

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Amarnath Cave Temple, Jammu and Kashmir: Mysterious Ice Linga

The Amarnath Yatra is one of the most auspicious deeds in the Hindu religion. This eye-pleasing holy place is situated at an altitude of 3800 meters. Every year it is believed that Lord Shiva appears in the Amarnath Cave in the for of Ice Linga. No one knows from where it appears or emerges. 

Shri Airavatesvara Temple, Tamil Nadu: The Musical Stairs

This mysterious beauty is located in the Darasuram near the Kumbakonam district of Tamil Nadu. This majestic architecture is the most mysterious temple in South India. 

This 800 years old temple holds a musical surprise for its visitors to climb its stairs. 

Yes! You read it right. These seven stairs of the temple that are situated in the front entrance of this temple are believed to produce musical sounds. When the visitors step on these stairs they hear a melodious sound of Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, coming out of it.

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