Best Travel Guide for Exploring the Maldives

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The Maldives are the centre of an island paradise so a dream destination for almost everyone who asks – seriously, Everyone will be ready as soon as you ask them to go to the Maldives. People get amazing peaceful sites while exploring the Maldives.

These pristine, beautiful islands within the Indian Ocean are a refuge for natural beauty and one of the strongest habitats, as we need to discover recently.

Before booking our flights, I had never done much research in the Maldives (it was just one of these places I didn’t know I wanted to go). And soon after booking, I quickly realized how much more impact it had been than expected. There are so many tons of choices and, a lot of stuff you have to pack (and a lot of things you shouldn’t do), local rules I had no knowledge of at all. And a list of activities those beautiful Pinterest photos don’t seem to show.

To achieve that, I have included this guide to help you promote your stay within the Maldives. Some things may sound more obvious than others but hopefully, each of these things will help you make a stand out in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

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7 THINGS you need to understand before you leave

1.) The Maldives is a Muslim country. This suggests that there is no alcohol when you run out, skip tax-free purchases. If you buy anywhere, they’ll catch you to get you started at the airport. The point is, you are not allowed to bring alcohol with you.

2.) The capital city of Male is undoubtedly one of the least photographs here. This is common where tons of local people live and visitors seem to go. Even if you arrive at Male Airport, you are not actually on Male Island itself, you are actually on Hulhulé Island.

3.) Now while the individual living islands within the Maldives have a good deal of freedom, the Maldives as rustic is some kind of last resort so do it right when you are in places like the airport. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to grab your bikini and speedos when you get to your island viewing area.

4.) Each place usually arrives on its own island.

5.) Each standard location has different features and characters so keep this in mind when booking. Not all are equal – except for the fact that water-villa photography and photography may require some thought.

best travel guide for exploring the maldives

6.) The peak season inside the Maldives is December to April so prices at this time will show you this! There is a good reason to go to the peak season (actually the amazing weather has been one of them). But the Maldivian weather is good all year round so if you would like to save a lot of money, you should consider visiting outside of the high season.

7.) Tons of islands here have their time (island time can be a real McCoy here). It’s usually an hour after the time for the man and it leaves you ‘more time’ to try to do things like enjoy the sunset before dinner and you usually wish you were completely different (yes, I know going back in time ‘actually add time but hopefully, once you start on the island, you’ll end up organized well on the island gun).

How To Reach: Exploring the Maldives


Flights from any country you travel from the Maldives are straightforward and no different than booking a flight from say, London to Paris.

Arriving at the islands is what little you would like to remember to make a map and plan ahead.

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Travelling between the islands: Exploring the Maldives

Booking one place within the Maldives can be a great way to filter out as many new experiences as possible at a time when (even snorkelling smuggling will be different). Each island is unique and travel helps you unleash the joy of discovering another new place within the Maldives. I can’t recommend you enough. (Also, you get dirty when others go home and you just pass on to your amazing Maldivian island

Where are you going to stay: Exploring the Maldives

We searched far and wide for what would be left and came out with trumpets as they included the amazing settlements within the Maldives. Here are our recommendations for where to stay and why (not in a specific order and fully supported by our information):

1.) Dusit Thani Maldives

This Dusit Thani comes with its own chiefs and various luxury resorts (beach houses, beach houses, etc.). You find yourself your own cupbearer and the most important lake in the Maldives. you will choose to be transported in carts during a golf course or roundabout. Oh, and this is usually an island where you find that plankton on the beach in the dark so beware of those you visit. Have a lovely stay in this great place and be better at Exploring the Maldives.

best travel guide for exploring the maldives | travel mitrra

2.) Angsana Ihuru

It’s all about intimacy in Angsana Ihuru. It is one of the smaller islands here and from sunset to candlelight on the beach (and a small island with sand leftover) the service is designed to make you feel very special. The coral habitat here is one of the easiest to do here (find dolphins, tortoises, sharks, clownfish – activities) and you will be able to find animals that you will not easily see elsewhere.

best travel guide for exploring the maldives

3.) Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba is the largest of the lot and part of this suggests that it comes with many such to try to see if you are here. The range of living quarters here is huge enough to suggest that even if it is a fee (it can be a five-star place, after all) it caters to a wider range of budget (e.g. if you are looking for a single bed with a villa or 4-bedroom mansion, you will find it all here). The marine life here is good and also as it is at risk for a man so it is the right place to start or end your Maldivian holiday here. This place will add another level of excitement to your journey of exploring the Maldives.

best travel guide for maldives | travel mitrra

What to Eat: Exploring the Maldives

In our experience, the food inside the Maldives will be a small number of your worries. Every place has a variety to offer and if you have specific food needs, ask ahead even though you will be hard-pressed to find a place that can take care of you.

Things to Explore in the Maldives

There is a lot you can do here and although it is best to find your island to see what is offered, here are some reliable options to consider wherever you are located.

1.) Go Snorkelling: Exploring the Maldives

Even from the sea in front of you, you can get in quickly and begin to experience the beautiful and varied wildlife of Maldivian.

best travel guide for exploring the maldives

2.) Have a romantic dinner

Private island restaurant, candle food on beaches, special houses – some options are endless. Choose one and make it special. This is one of the favourite things of tourists to do while exploring the Maldives.

3.) Go swimming with the shark: Exploring the Maldives

Swimming with the whale shark is certainly one of those unique things you will be talking about for many years but even if you come out of the season, you will still continue to swim with the blacktip shark that exists for almost a year.

4.) Take a guided tour with a marine biologist.

Shopping for yourself is good but going with a professional is much better. They see things that you might throw away in one way or another and are ready to help you make the most of your experience here.

5.) Continue the sunset journey.

If you’re lucky, you’ll see some dolphins while you’re at it. even if you are not, the sunset here is absolutely stunning and goes down well with a few glasses of champagne.

best travel guide for exploring the maldives

6.) Have a spa day: Exploring the Maldives

You don’t even get to think too much about this.

7.) Go swimming in the manta rays.

Like the whale shark, the manta rays are large and impressive in nature. The Maldives is a good place to be sure of them even though you are doing this you need to visit during this time.


I’ll go, to be honest about this, a visit to the Maldives will bring you back a few bobs. It’s a premium, luxurious place and that’s a reliable fact even though there are a few ways to make savvy savings while you have a lifelong vacation.

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1.) Go half board.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to try this here. you finish breakfast late anyway and if like me, you tend to overeat every time you eat, you will find that by the time lunch is over, you are not hungry enough for more food. you may prefer to have a light lunch or wrap up the grass like beauty and lunch in champagne but successfully, walking half the board can be a very sensible way to visit the Maldives. We were full of the board but we even had days when we sat snorkelling or cold in the pool because we weren’t hungry and knew a lot I love my food, that means a lot!

2.) Visit out of season.

The prices are low, the availability is very good and you continue to get good weather. you will definitely save money by visiting between the months of May and November.

3.) Navigate.

Stay inside the most expensive water houses to start (or on top of your holidays) and move to a seaside villa after that. Or maybe you can just walk across the islands.

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