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A journey leads us to an attribute of self-exploration and a peaceful clock of time for you. Also when this journey is somewhere towards the shed of nature then it’s just like icing on the cake. Kasol is a places that will surely give your eyes a pleasing view and a captivating spirit of peace. Amidst all the landscapes there are a few places that you will get to know in this guide for Kasol that will promise you a peaceful visit. In this Best Travel Guide for Kasol we will be covering:

1. How to Reach Kasol

2. Places to Visit in Kasol

3. Best Weather for you to visit Kasol

4. Things to do in Kasol

5. Famous Food

6. Kasol Packing Guide

How to Reach – Travel Guide for Kasol

Kasol is a village located in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh situated in Parvati Valley. It holds an aroma of the captivating beauty of Parvati River.

Kasol has become the most visited destination by people in India. Particularly during the summer season, that is, In between months of March to June, you should visit Kasol at least once.

Best travel guide for Kasol | Travel Mitrra | trip to kasol | malana | how to reach kasol

But, if you have already planned a trip to Kasol then you must be wondering about how to reach there.

Don’t worry, here we are to solve all your problems.

You can reach Kasol by the medium of road, train or air. All these three ways are available for that place. But all these ways will give you different experiences on the trip. Let’s move forward in best this travel guide for Kasol and find out how to reach there.

1. To Reach Kasol by Road

If you are thinking of going on a road trip to Kasol, this is the best you can get. The whole alley of the trip is full of adventure, beauty and peace. Planning for a road trip to Kasol will surely promise you an unforgettable memory and joy.

But road trips can be dangerous as well if you are planning to visit Kasol in the season of monsoon. Because in the season of monsoon Kasol is prone to the sudden and risky landslides and cloudbursts. So it will be good to avoid choosing the road journey to Kasol in monsoon or winter.

2. To Reach Kasol by Train-

There is no direct railway route to Kasol. To reach there via train, first you will have to reach the nearest railway station that is Joginder Nagar Railway Station. That station is 144 km away from Kasol village. After reaching the railway station you can either book a cab to Kasol directly or can also take the bus from Joginder Bus Stand. It will take about 4 to 5 hours to reach there. 

3. To Reach Kasol by Air-

The nearest airport to Kasol is Kullu Manali Airport also known as Bhuntar airport in Kullu district. After reaching Bhuntar airport you can book a cab to Kasol. It is about 31 km away from the airport and will take about an hour to reach.

If you are a tourist coming from other countries, you can take a flight to Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi. And from Delhi can choose any of the ways from the road, train and air to reach Kasol.


If you are opting the summer season to visit Kasol then the road trip will give you an amazing experience. But if you are choosing any other months like monsoon or winter then it will be good for you to avoid road trip and take train or flight to reach Kasol in order to avoid any type of accident. 

Places to Visit – Travel Guide for Kasol

No doubt the whole valley of Kasol is amazingly beautiful. But still there are a few selective places that are considered as the most visited places of Kasol.

A brief list of those places is given below:

1. Kheer Ganga Peak-

The place is known for its best ever trekking experience. It is considered as one of the easiest and also acknowledged as the most daring one. Kheer Ganga is having a 9 km long stretch of trek. That passes through easy trails that will take you to the uphill.

Trip to Kasol : Kheerganga trek | travel mitrra | kasol | places to visit in kasol | himachal pradesh

Once you reach the peak of Kheer Ganga the attractive site of that place will catch your eyes and will free you from all your stress. You can relax there at camp and can also enjoy the hot spring that originates at the top of the hill.

2. Manikaran Sahib-

This holy place of Kasol is considered as the most sacred place to visit in Kasol and is believed to be visited once by the first religious leader of the Sikhs, Guru Nanak. 

At the top of this place there is a hot spring that is said to be very solemn, full of divine spirit that will bring you close to God. 

3. Tosh Valley

It is a small village located at an altitude of 2400 meters on a hill near Kasol in Parvati valley. Tosh is known for its visual beauty and it holds a great heritage of flora and fauna, hereby leaving a remarkable spot for its scenic beauty in the mind of visitors. It takes about 5 to 6 hours trek from Kheer Ganga to reach Tosh and the landscape of the whole trek will make you feel like you are in paradise. 

Trip to Kasol-Tosh Valley | Travel Mitrra | kasol | things to do in kasol | places to visit in kasol

This tosh valley is a place where you must visit to have an overwhelming experience.

4. Tirthan Valley-

This valley is situated at a way stretch of 60 km from Kasol. Trithan valley holds a wild landscape giving the feel of being in heaven. The fantastic view of this valley is something that will let you hear the unheard silence around you. 

This place is not only famous for its view or activity but here lies a wide variety of diversity in tradition and culture which makes this tiny village different from other locations of Kasol and Malana.

5. Magic Valley

It is a small valley of Malana Village located in Kasol. This place is also known as the hidden place of Malana because there is no village in this valley for people to live; this place is famous for plantations and only has campsites to stay. The best time to visit this place is in spring when the cold breeze from the mountain will lightly fall upon your face making you feel content. 

Trip to Kasol-Magic valley | travel mitrra | vacation | kasol trip | himachal tourism

6. Parvati River-

Not only these but there are many more places in Kasol and Malana to visit, such as, Parvati River that originates from a glacier of Parvati mountain then if flows with glory through the city of Kasol and also touches the manikaran Sahib before merging into the river Beas. This river drifting through Parvati valley is what we call the soul of the place or something that keeps this place moving.

There are many more places to visit in Kasol and Malana that will make you meet the reality of this place having such a range of variety in everything. These Places will give you best travel experience for Kasol Trip.

Best Weather – Travel Guide for Kasol

Kasol, the place known as ‘Amsterdam of India’ is vigorously acknowledged for its eminent and glorious charm having the potential of making your mind dwell into the poise of nature. 

One of the biggest reasons for people to visit Kasol is the ambience and weather of this green heaven. Although Kasol wears this appealing cloak of stunning landscapes throughout the year. But there are a few spans of time which will give you the best-ever experience in Kasol. 

TRIP TO KASOL | PARVATI VALLEY | TRAVEL MITRRA | best weather to visit kasol | amsterdam of india

The best time to explore this wild but admirable place is from March to October. At this period of time, the temperature in Kasol ranges from 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and weather in Kasol at this time is pleasant with ravishing visuals which will leave your mind entranced and mesmerized. However, if the cold breeze of the chilling night fascinates you then you will surely love to visit Kasol between the months of October to February, the temperature during this span varies from 3 to 10 degrees Celsius. 

1. Kasol in Summer– 

If you want to explore Kasol at its peak energy then this is the time when you should visit Kasol. During the month of March to June, the temperature of Kasol ranges from 13 to 35 degrees Celsius, which enhances the joy of sightseeing at this place of green heaven. This weather of Kasol will make us embrace the real enchanting and fascinating beauty of the place. 

There are some places of Kasol that are best suited for the season of summer like, Tosh village, Manikaran Sahib, Malana valley, Parvati River and Kheer Ganga peak.

In the clear sky of summer, we can have the best camping and trekking experience in Kasol. With this ample of adventurous moments, this season becomes the most visited season by the tourist. 

Moreover, Kasol is home to a large number of exciting events during this season. 

2. Kasol in Winter– 

The winters of Kasol are considered as the least enjoyable time for a trip to this place because of its chilly temperature which ranges from 2 to 10 degrees Celsius. The cold breeze in this season will surely cause hindrance in your happy time. Most of the roads of Kasol are blocked during this season due to heavy snowfall which restricts us for trekking in the region. Though if you are fond of adventure in the lap of nature and you are enough daring to travel in all these odds then you will surely have a remarkable experience here in winter.

3. Kasol in Monsoon- 

This span of weather becomes quite dangerous for the trip because of the fatal risk of landslides, road blockages and cloudburst leading to threatening liability for the life of visitor. So this period of time from July to September is risky and should be avoidable for trip planning.

Hence, from this travel guide for Kasol we can say that the weather of this place will always promise you an adventurous trip only the intensity of that adventure will change with the change in weather. So, decide the best suited season for yourself and visit Kasol to taste the majestic soul of this green heaven.

Things to do – Travel Guide for Kasol

Himachal Pradesh is a place known for its alluring heritage of beauty, grace and the peaceful serenity of its weather. There are a bunch of places in Himachal Pradesh to visit at least once in life and two of those places are Kasol and Malana. In this Travel guide for Kasol we will look at all the aspects to make your journey memorable.

Kasol is situated in the Kullu district on the banks of river Parvati and Malana is a small village of Kasol famous for its dazzling and captivating atmosphere.

These two places of Himachal Pradesh fascinate the eyes of people all around the globe and connect their soul with the gratifying amity of nature.

Places are known for two aspects. Firstly, for its weather, landscape including the visual arena and secondly known for a few things to do in order to relish the pleasure of a successful trip.

There are few mandatory things to do in Kasol and Malana and they are listed below in this travel guide for Kasol:

1. Trek to Kheer Ganga-

It is a magnificent place located in the Parvati valley of Kullu district. This place is famous for its hot spring as well as for the holy river Ganges that surrounds its forest area. The trek to Kheer Ganga is acknowledged as the most exhilarating trek, giving your eyes a captivating view in your way up. It is counted among the easiest as well as the most daring things to do in Kasol and Malana at the very same time.

2. Visit Tosh-

It is a village located at an altitude of 2400 meters on a hill near Kasol in Parvati Valley. This village is entirely ringed with the sight of mountains and holds an influential heritage of flora and fauna making it a remarkable place to visit. It takes about 5 to 6 hours trek to reach here from Kasol and you will surely feel overwhelmed by the sight and grace of this village.

3. Have a walk along Parvati river-

The sound of slow running water of river connects our mind peace and makes us to forget all the worries by reclining our thoughts and brain. And for this you can have a walk along Parvati River which is considered as one of the most basic things to do in Kasol and Malana. Parvati River has a steep gradient in the mountains and drifts down in the valley with all its fury and majesty which makes it look tremendous and glorifying. This is the most recommended thing to do in this travel guide for kasol.

things to do IN KASOL | TRAVEL MITRRA | parvati river | parvati valley | walk | romance | night life

4. Taste of Kasol and Malana-

These places are not only known for its beauty and grace but the taste of food here also catches people decently. It holds a variety of cuisines such as Israeli, Italian, and Chinese etc. Kasol and Malana are known for its fantastic and admirable cafés located all around the place. Some of the famous café of Kasol are Evergreen café, Bhoj café, Moon Dance and German Bakery etc. These cafés are individually famous for their range of diversity in taste from Italian to Israeli.  Kasol is often known as Mini Israel and almost all the cafés here compose the pure taste of Israeli food in their menu. 

5. Camping-

When we go in the lap of nature it’s important to feel it utterly and to live it with its integrity. Camping is something that will connect you with nature and is a sure best thing to do in Kasol and Malana which will give you amazing experiences in such an admirable place.

guide for kasol camping | travel mitrra  | kasol | camping | camp | enjoy | things to do in kasol

There are various places in Kasol and Malana where you can do camping. Like you can camp at the top of Kheer Ganga which relaxes you from the long trek of Kheer Ganga. You can also choose majestic Magic valley for camping or even Tosh valley also fits well in this list. And above all of these you can also choose to camp by the riverside that is an incomparable peace.  

Kasol and Malana can be considered as all in one package for giving a perfect to your mind from all the burden and stress. The pleasing weather of Kasol provides you a golden chance to relax your mind and this is what makes it the most visited place of India. After reading this travel guide for Kasol you can surely say that Kasol and Malana hold everything in it from food to camping and from trek to relaxing. 

Best Food – Travel Guide for Kasol

Food is the only common thing among all the people out there in the world without which we cannot live or with which we cannot compromise. It is something that acts like a happy pill for everyone. 

Whenever we plan to go somewhere, the first thought which comes in everyone’s mind is about the type of food which we will be getting there. 

And the trip to Kasol is incomplete without tasting the pure aroma of the food of this place. 

Here in this travel guide for Kasol, we have listed some best food that everyone should have in their visit to Kasol:

1. Shakshouka-

It is a wonderful dish of eggs poached in the sauce of tomatoes along with chilli peppers and onions. If you have just arrived in Kasol and haven’t tried any cuisine then this is something you should start with.

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2. Lafa-

Kasol is also known as Israel of India and there lies a mixture of culture of India and Israel in Kasol’s food. In this aspect one of the famous Israeli foods is Lafa. It is made up with a roll of bread stuffed with hummus meat, potato fries and some vegetables. This wrap carries a little smoky flavor that will surely enhance the taste of your dinner. 

kasol guide | food to eat in Kasol | Lafa kasol | travel mitrra | malana | kasol tourism | travel guide for kasol

3. Momos-

This dish is something favourite of all and is what anyone would love to have anytime. There are many street stalls in Kasol that sell the best Momos of India and something worth having. 

These stalls generally serve momos both fried and steamed along with red chilli and yoghurt based dips.

4. Nutella Pancake-

Every meal is incomplete without having a perfect dessert and one of the biggest reasons for coming to Kasol is the delicious dessert that is served here with pure love. Nutella Pancake is the most unique dessert of Kasol and can be found in any famous restaurant here.

Now, after getting to know about what to eat, here comes the question of where to eat. In this travel guide for Kasol we have also listed below some famous restaurants of Kasol where you must visit at least once. These restaurants are famous for their variety of cuisines such as Italian, Israeli and Chinese along with some local food of Kasol.

1. Moon Dance Cafè- 

It is situated in the middle of Kasol and is famous for Italian and Israeli food with a beautiful view outside the location making your mind feel light. There is a German Bakery attached to that Cafè making it more wonderful and enhancing its popularity among the visitors.

2. Bhoj Cafè-

This Cafè is not only famous for food but also spreads its popularity because of its ambience and atmosphere. This place is the most visited place by youngsters and has become a famous hang out place for them.

BEST TRAVEL GUIDE FOR KASOL BHOJ CAFE | TRAVEL MITRRA | cafe to visit in kasol | manali | kullu | himachal pradesh

3. Jim Morrison Cafè-

This is located in the arena towards Manikaran Gurudwara. This cafè holds its name because of the decor and the thick groves of the Cannabis plant. What else people want from a Kasol trip.

4. Cafè Evergreen-

This Cafè is famous for continental and Chinese food like momos, hummus and a variety of shakes. This place will surely make your journey to Kasol worthful.

Here we can conclude with the note the food will always be the best part of any journey and Kasol will surely promise you the best of them here. 

So, let’s cheer up for the good food mood in Kasol.

Packing Essentials – Travel Guide for Kasol

The aura of Kasol has taken it to the level of most visited destinations of Himachal Pradesh. In the past few years, the trend of trekking and camping has amplified the fame of this place in the eyes of travellers. 

Most of the people visiting the north side of India prefer to go to Kasol because of its captivating ambience. 

But before doing anything it’s fruitful to be prepared for it and the same thing follows for Trips. Before going on the trip there are a few essential things which one must carry with them for their ease and simplicity. 

In this travel guide for Kasol we have provided you with a packing guide for Kasol, in order to give you a satisfying break:


It sounds quite simple and some of us may wonder about how the bag is going to affect our trip but if you want to enjoy the Kasol to the fullest then you are advised to carry a backpack instead of other handy bags. Travelling with a backpack is much more comfortable than any other bags. You will get to know its worth when you will start your trek in Parvati Valley, having a backpack then will surely make your trek easy and enjoyable. 


Kasol is famous for giving the best-ever experience of trekking to the visitors and when you go on a trek it’s important to have a good pair of trekking shoes so that you won’t get hurt while trekking. As the Parvati valley of Kasol is known for its vigorous stretch of trekking so just grab a good pair of trekking shoes to make your trip worth remembering.


Everyone in the world is greatly attached to their mobile phones so keeping a power bank on any trip is counted among one of the most important things to carry. When you go for a trek to KheerGanga which is the most famous as well as the longest trek of Kasol then it’s important to carry a power bank to keep your mobile phones, speakers etc. charged. 


On any trip, it’s important to keep your body hydrated to avoid any type of physical imbalance. So, always keep a water bottle with you on a trip, though fresh water is in abundance in Kasol still I will recommend you to keep your water bottle with you on the trip.


Our eyes capture mortal moments but a camera can capture every immortal memory. And Kasol is a place of worth capturing. The captivating landscapes of Kasol will automatically make your heart fall for it and you will fall for seizing everything with you. 

Having a DSLR is not that important even if you can use your phone if you have a good one. 

But surely Kasol will promise you to give the best ever scenic beauty to hold on.


Health should be our primary concern before going anywhere. And if you are going to Kasol then you must carry a pack of medicines and pain killers with you because you may need them at the time of the trek. 

These are some primary essential things to carry in Kasol. There are many more things that one should have on the trip like a swiss knife, matchstick which you may need while camping, some dry eatables etc. 

This was all in this travel guide for Kasol.

Wish you a very Happy Journey and Keep reading our blog for some amazing content related to more travel guides.

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