Dandeli: Complete Travel Guide (2020)

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Dandeli is an elegant city located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka extended up to the region of Western Ghats. This city is famous for its unparalleled scenic beauty ravishing on the banks of Kali River having an exotic faction of wildlife that resides in its tropical forests. Nature is at its prolific look at Dandeli making it an ideal holiday destination.

Dandeli : The Complete Travel Guide 2020 | travel mitrra | travel blogger

Nature leaves behind a rooted effect on our physical as well as mental senses. When we get close to nature it brings us close to our souls.

In this travel guide for Dandeli we will be covering a number of points including:

1. Places to Visit in Dandeli

2. Things to do in Dandeli

3. Famous Food

Places to Visit in Dandeli

Dandeli is a pleasing place to spend a few memorable days of this short life. At Dandeli nature will refine your mind with its ravishing and appealing charm. This place is the most popular gateways for providing an escape from the daily busy schedule of your life. There are many places in Dandeli which one must visit on the trip to Dandeli. Here are some of the amazing places of dandeli.

1. Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary-

This destination is famous for its wide diversity in wildlife. Here you can discover many vulnerable species and the richness of this place offers ample opportunity to nature lovers to relish the captivating landscape. The weather of Karnataka will be always in support of you and you can visit here anytime.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary | travel Mitrra | Places to visit in Karnataka

The insane valleys, enraged streams of the river, amusing and engaging scenic beauty will make you speechless. So you can mention Wildlife Sanctuary into the must-do list of Dandeli trips. 

2. Shiroli Peak

Shiroli Peak is located at a place in Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary and is at a distance of 25 km from Dandeli Bus Stand. This place will fill your heart with the gratifying and amiable bloom of the mountains of the Sahyadri Range which owns the best sunset of the world.

Shiroli Peak | Travel Mitrra | Places to visit in Karnataka

This destination is the most preferred place to visit for scenic beauty. This Peak is considered as the highest point of Uttara Kannada district region. And this makes it the most approved destination for trekkers who have the grit to confront danger.

3.Syntheri Rock

Syntheri rock has a granite structure with a height of 300 ft. and is located at a distance of 31km from Dandeli. This place is one of the best Dandeli tourist places to visit. It has a shape of massive limestone rock originated by a volcanic eruption occurred some million years ago. 

Syntheri Rock | Travel Mitrra | Dandeli | Places to visit in Karnataka

4. Molangi Falls– 

It is located near Molangi village of Dandeli promising you the invigorating flash of time. The environment of Dandeli is surrounded by an enthralling and pleasant landscape of dense green forests. Molangi Falls is considered as the most popular picnic spot in Dandeli offering and adventurous escape for visitors. 

Molangi Falls | Travel Mitrra | Places to visit in Dandeli,Karnataka

5. Shivaji Fort

This decrepit spot is located at a distance of 22 km from Dandeli town. Due to the archaic heritage of the fort, this place gets dragged into the league of the most visited place of Dandeli. This place holds such profound importance because of the belief that it once was built by the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji. This faith makes this place honored and brilliant for visiting. 

Shivaji Fort | Travel Mitrra | Places to visit in Dandeli, Karnataka

There are many more places in Dandeli to visit for earning some handful of memories in one single frame of life. This place will not disappoint you on any ground or circumstances. In Dandeli, you can also visit Kavala Caves that are huge rocks of limestone made several decades ago. You can also choose to go Molangi Eco park in the Molangi village of Dandeli. And you must not forget to meet with Sykes viewpoint which will steal your heart and soul. 

Things to do in Dandeli

Whenever you feel to procure a break from the daily clone life, Dandeli is the place which will give you a terrific energizing trip.

There are ample of things to do in Dandeli and some of them are listed below. These things will evidently give a perfect pause from a hectic breath.

1. River Rafting in Kali River

Kali river falls under the tier of the most visited spot for the activities like boating and river rafting. The river originates from Diggi, a small village of Uttara Kanada district and flows vigorously through lush green landscapes that contribute to enhancing its banks. 

River Rafting | Kali River  | Travel Mitrra | Things to do in Karnataka

The aura of the place filled with unmatched adventure and joy makes it a perfect one for the river rafting.

Though river rafting is not that easy thing still it’s something which will furnish your body with powerful intensity. Just keep in mind all the instructions given by your river rafting guide and you will surely enjoy it to the fullest.

2. Wildlife Safari-

This place flaunting its beauty over the Western Ghats carry a diverse range of wildlife. This place proclaims to be home to numerous birds and animals. The Safari in Dandeli reserves is conducted twice in a day with a time slot of 6 a.m. in the morning and at 4 p.m. in the evening. If you are willing to enjoy the morning Safari, then you will have to drive from Dandeli to Kulgi at 5 am.

From there you will be transferred onto an open jeep of the forest department and the safari commences immediately. 

For the second slot of safari, you will have to start from 3:30 pm and will return at 6 pm.  The entire safari will take about 3.5 hours. At the end of the trip, you will be dropped back to the starting destination.

3. Visit Syntheri Rock

Syntheri rock has a granite structure with a height of 300 ft. and is located at a distance of 31km from Dandeli. This place is considered as one of the top Dandeli tourist places to visit. It has a shape of massive limestone rock originated by a volcanic eruption occurred some million years ago. 

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4. Crock trek in Dandeli-

Crock trek is also referred to as the crocodile park of Dandeli and captures the eyes of visitors very actively. This place will make you confront the beast of this alluring place. But during the trek, you will have to pay attention. And follow all the safety precautions to make sure that you doesn’t meet any accident on the way.

Crock Trek | Crocodile Park | Travel Mitrra | Things to do in Karnataka

There are many more things to do in Dandeli which will give ever-lasting memory and mesmerizing scenes. If you visit Dandeli you must not forget to do camping in the jungle, natural Jacuzzi bath in rapids of Kali River, visit Kavala Caves and the amazing Coracle boat ride will promise you an unbeatable moment. 

You can also go for watching and searching birds in the tropical forest of Dandeli as they own a diverse variety of bird species of over 300 factions. 

There are a lot more things to enjoy in Dandeli. So we can say that it will be a complete package of adventure, relaxation and peace. 

Famous Food : Dandeli Travel Guide

Every journey or trip is incomplete without having some taste of mouth-watering food in the way. Food is considered as an essential part of our human community which brings different people together in the shed of a dining table.

Without trying the local taste of the place there is no authentic travel experience. And when we talk about Dandeli, located in the south Indian state, Karnataka, then this place follows the legacy of fantastic south Indian food.

It does not hold the chart of a diverse variety of cuisines but it carries the authentic taste of the real south India. 

Famous Food In Dandeli-

There are many restaurants in Dandeli for providing you with the majestic taste of the meal here. After the south Indian food, Kachori and samosa are the famous food in the region. People love to have them on their trip to Dandeli as it accomplishes the different taste from other states. There are a number of restaurants that will make you taste the best samosa and kachori here.

Kachori and Samosa | Famous Food | Dandeli | Karnataka | Travel mitrra

Somasas are served with a fluid tomato dip along with some good taste of green chatni. The samosa here is a lot different from other states. Not only Samosa Kachori is also served in a different way along with some gravy having the real Indian taste.

Local Food of Dandeli-

One can relish the aroma of local food of Dandeli also which will surely make you meet an entirely different faction of India having such a great taste. 

The most preferred local foods of this destination are listed below.

Dosa –

Dosa can be termed a cooked flat thin layer rice batter having the staffing of fried potato in it, they are made with fermented batter. The main ingredients of Dosa are rice and black gram ground together in a proper proportion with the required amount of salt to make it taste better. 

Bisi Bele Bath-

This is considered as the most preferred traditional taste of Karnataka. This comes under the category of healthy as well as a delicious food. It is made with rice, vegetables, spices and Bisi bele bath powder. The taste of this dish makes it famous among local people of Karnataka. Also, the tourists coming from various places, loves this dish.

Bisi Bele Bath | Travel Mitrra | Dandeli | Famous Food

Uppittu – 

The other common name for this dish is Upma which is famous among all the locals of Karnataka and India. It is like a thick porridge from dry roasted semolina or coarse rice flour. The simplicity of this dish makes it different from other dishes of south India and drags it into the list of best local foods of Dandeli. 

Uppittu | Famous Food | Dandeli | Travel mitrra | Karnataka

In the end, we can say that a visit to Dandeli will enrich your library of happy memories with enchanting and adventurous experiences.

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This was all in this travel guide for Dandeli.

Wish you a very Happy Journey and Keep reading our blog for some amazing content related to more travel guides.

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