Good News For Fully Vaccinated Travellers: Uttarakhand Govt.

Good news for fully vaccinated travellers | travel mitrra | travel to explore | travellers in covid 19

This news can be considered as a cold breeze amid the hot summer of Covid-19. The past 2 years have been disappointing for the travellers who love to wander and explore different places. People are now more spectacle towards travelling. But recently, the government of Uttarakhand issued new guidelines for travellers who want to visit Uttarakhand. The Government Said that fully vaccinated air travellers will be allowed to enter the location without any negative RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test report. This amazing news for fully vaccinated travellers is very heartwarming and peaceful.

The Covid-19 crisis has led to the destruction of travel industries and the dreams of travellers. All the restrictions and dangers of viruses have somewhere affected everyone a lot. People now are afraid of planning any trip or vacation. But these new guidelines from the government of Uttarakhand is like a relief to all the travellers and travel industries.

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Travelling in Covid-19: Fully Vaccinated Travellers

These new guidelines also added that not only travellers from other states also but, fully vaccinated residents of Uttarakhand are also allowed to travel in the state without any report. Our central government is trying to supply the vaccines to each and every citizen of India. And being a responsible citizens it’s our duty to support the right cause.

Good news for fully vaccinated travellers | travel mitrra | travel to explore | travellers in covid 19

Covid-19 have caused an unbelievable number of losses. And if we want to fight for our rights, we will have to get fully vaccinated and follow the guidelines. Its been a tough year for everyone, and we are not alone in this. So, trust yourself and follow all the safety measures while travelling.

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Just like the government of Uttarakhand, other states will also take the required measures when they think that situation is getting back to normal. Till then we need to follow all the rules and avoid getting in contact with Covid-19.

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