Things We Can do to Make our Travel Budget Friendly

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When it comes to traveling there is hardly anyone who would say no to it. Even the most introverted person of this world, who loves to stay inside their walls all the time, accepts that traveling brings them back to life.  It gives us exposure, experience, knowledge, wisdom and makes us wise. But most of us who love to travel always feel trapped by our budget. We always seek budget-friendly travel ideas.  So, here we are with a blog to tell you all “Things we can do to make our travel budget-friendly”.

Being budget friendly does not mean that you have a lower standard or incapable in any terms. It’s just that it feels good when you end up saving a lot of money without hurting your comfort level during the trip. In this blog we will be looking at a lot of little things that will end making a huge difference in our budget. 

So, let’s just dive into the blog!!

1. Choose Local Vendors over Fancy Restaurants: 

It’s one of the most common pieces of advice that we get from almost everyone who loves to travel. If you are going on a trip of a week or so then you cannot just waste your money on worthless fancy restaurants. We travel to explore! So explore the place, explore the local food, street food and trust me you’ll end up falling in love with them. 

I’m not saying that having food at fancy restaurants is a bad thing. But, the thing is when you go local you get to know more about their culture. You get to meet new people, and you make better connections with that place.  So, try this advice on your next trip and do let us know how it turned out. 

2. Prefer More to Use Public Transport:

This thing may look very little but trust me it can become the game changer for your travel budget.  For a budget friendly travel using public transport can never go wrong. And while using public transport you are not only saving money but also getting to know how the local functions in that area. You get better insights when you roam on the roads freely. 

Even if you don’t want to use that much public transport because of any issue. Then another option can be renting a scooty or a bicycle. Instead of spending a lot of money on private taxis and cabs, renting can be a better option. 

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So, always keep looking for things that can do wonders for your budget and travel as much as you want. 

3. Make Contacts with Local People of that Area:

This is one of the nicest things you can do to effectively explore the culture of that area and who knows you may end up making some really good friends. Interacting with locals will not only give you better exposure to their culture but it can also give you some helping hands in an entirely strange place.  

I agree that you will not always get to meet kind people but the world is not a hell yet. So, there will always be some people out there waiting for you to interact. Plus this thing will make you a better traveller and give you more knowledge. 

4. Travel at Night for a Budget-Friendly Travel:

Optimise your night time in travelling, which will save both money and time for you. One of the best perks of travelling at night is that wherever you want to reach you will reach in the morning. And thereby you will have the whole day to explore and enjoy. 

Plus when you travel at night you avoid all the heavy traffic and rush that saves a lot of your time. 

5. Prefer to take Walking Tour of the Area:

If you are staying in a locality or somewhere close to markets of that city. Then don’t forget to take a walking tour around that area. This th ing will cause you any money, plus it will be giving you an awesome experience. When you are looking for budget friendly travel ideas then taking walking tours will never disappoint you at any cost. 

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6. Pack Your Essentials Well for a Budget-Friendly Travel:

Packing matters a lot when you travel. It resembles how much you are prepared for unpredicted things coming in your way. Packing for any trip or vacation is an art. It requires a lot of effort and time. When you pack you will have to pack in such a way that you don’t pack much. Or you don’t pack so little that you end up doing a lot of unnecessary shopping in that area. 

SO, first make a list of things that you will be needing on your trip and pack accordingly. Make that list very smartly by figuring out every single need of yours. When You pack your essentials well, you end up saving a lot of money from shopping. And this will do wonders for your Budget Friendly Travel Plan.

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7. Prefer to Stay at Hostels when going Overseas:

 If you are planning to visit any foreign country, then this simple trick can save you a handsome amount of money. In a lot of foreign countries or Islands, there are these amazing arrangements of hostels on a cheap budget. Where you can stay very comfortable and can save a lot. These hostels will be like a shared hostel only where you will also get to meet different people from all across the world.

If you are planning budget friendly travel to a foreign country then do check out this option for sure. 

8. Learn a little bit of the Local Language:

If you are going somewhere entirely different from your culture, having a totally different language. Then, do invest some time in learning a little bit about their language. This thing will help you in having a better connection with local people. And hence can give you opportunities to save money as well. Because if you know the language then you will understand them better and get to know what is best for you. 

9. Plan Around Off-Peak Travel: 

When you are on very little money and trying to find options for budget-friendly travel then do check out this trick. Planning a Trip around off-peak travel will always be light and gentle on your pocket. Not only this but this will also save you from all the rush and crowd in that area.

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10. Avoid Travel Packages:

I know this is not something that you get to hear from someone regarding travelling. But it is true that if you do well research about your trip and come up with the best options for you. Then these travel packages are nothing. I am not saying that you should never travel Package. But it’s just that before booking any package, do some research from your end to cross check whether they are charging fair money or not. 

For a budget friendly travel, going free flow is the best you can do.

11. Carry Your Own Water Bottle:

This may look like a joke to you but when you realise its importance you will get to know where you are lacking. We don’t pay that much attention to the money that we spend on water bottles. Plus this thing also degrades our environment. So, it’s no harm in switching on your own water bottle other than buying one. This little thing can really do wonders to your Budget Friendly travel.

12. Save a little in Advance to Avoid any Hustle:

If you love travelling then why not save a little in advance for it to avoid any kind of hustle. You can always save some amount for something that you love. And these savings will end up planning a budget friendly travel for you. 

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