Top 15 Amazing Places to Visit in Kerala

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There are so many places to go to Kerala that even a church trip is not enough. It is so beautiful and kind that it is called God’s land. Kerala is one such scene in India that is a combination of natural beauty and magic. It is also known as the “Spice Capital of India”, Kerala was a central destination for birthday and tourism. Let’s look at some beautiful places to visit in Kerala.

Prepare to be congratulated by Alleppey lakes, wildlife and museums in Wayanad, the eco-village of Idukki, Valara waterfalls, hence the old Kochi. The magic of Kerala will never disappear, nor will it take your breath away. A fascinating view of wildlife in Kerala so beautiful tea gardens make you want to stay here forever. Aside from the picturesque towns and cities, there are many tourist attractions in Kerala.

1. Alleppey: Places to Visit in Kerala

Alappuzha (Alleppey) is understood as ‘Venice of the East. Providing the simplest tourist attractions in Alleppey, this magnificent area is the backwaters of Kerala and home to a vast network of lakes and thousands of boats. The boats in the houses you find inside the Alappuzha lakes are a reused version of the Kettuvallams of ancient times. Kettuvallam can be a Malayalam word, ‘Kettu’, meaning residential buildings and ‘Vallom’ means a boat. In the old days, kettuvallam or thatched-roof canoe used to carry a lot of rice and spices.

Modern houseboats are equipped with all the luxury of a comfortable bedroom such as air conditioners, modern toilets, cosy living rooms, kitchen and balcony. The uninterrupted view of life in a waterless coconut tree is often enjoyed from a houseboat. a perfect resting place with its dominant greenery and greenery. Alappuzha Beach with a 137-year-old boat overlooking the sea and an old 17th-century Portuguese lighthouse add to the magic of the area. It is famous for its boat races, marine products, and the coir industry.

2. Wayanad: Places to Visit in Kerala

Known for its cool year-round temperatures, Wayanad is the last refuge of the hot North India sun. The area offers its cool temperatures by its side and, untouched wood, hilly mountains, and long-winded fields. Commonly called the Indian spice garden, Wayanad is full of tourist attractions and large fruits of various spices such as calcium, black pepper, Star Anise, Fenugreek, black cumin and more. These distinctive green fruits give the area a special scent that is further enhanced by the aroma of the coffee plant, the nourishment of the fruits and vegetables and the distribution of the paddy fields. This hill station is one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Having said that much about the grass in the city centre, it is understandable that there will be more wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and national parks that protect the agricultural life of the forest. In addition to all or any natural beauty, you have the largest world dam in India and the second largest world dam in Asia, Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad. With huge mountains, dense forests, and flowing rivers, the Wayanad can be a place to hike, bike, hike, hiking, reminiscence, camping, and many amazing activities.

3. Cochin: Places to Visit in Kerala

Kochi (also called Cochin) is likely a city on the southwest coast of India in the state of Kerala. It has been a critical port since the 19th century and was built by British Raj in India for its strategic and industrial significance in foreign trade. Kochi is a good starting point to explore the scope and beauty of Kerala. With easy access to Cochin, it is ranked among the top three tourist destinations by Planet Travel & Tourism Council. Cochin and its nearby mountain station Munar should visit those watching Kerala. Kerala lakes can be found mostly by using waterways that flow through Cochin’s streams and dams. Such places have now been converted into picnics and fishing grounds, where visitors can take a boat ride on the water and camp in the middle of an isolated camp a few times private and natural. Fort Kochi, one of the most famous beaches, has a colonial climate and fresh air from the Arabian Sea that appeals to the senses of commuters and cyclists throughout the city. Cochin is best known for its religious buildings, especially the churches of the British period, and for the fortifications of temples.

This beautiful seaside town is surrounded by the Western Ghats to the east and therefore the Arabian Sea to the west. Its proximity to the equator, a large body of water and the hills provide an equally equatorial climate for visitors. With easy places to go to Cochin, it is rarely mentioned because it is Gateway to Kerala

4. Munnar: Places to Visit in Kerala

Munnar can be a beautiful city and a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats of Kerala. Set at an altitude of 6,000 feet [6000 m] in the Idukki region, Munnar was intended to be the summer residence of the British rulers during colonial times. It is known for its lush green belt and an endless range of tea spaces and is also home to many species of animals such as Nelakurinji and Nilgiri Tahr. It is known to be one of the most sought after destinations in South India because of its pristine valleys, mountains, and a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Munnar can be a beautiful place in Kerala, and its beauty attracts thousands of visitors a year. What makes Munnar even more popular is the presence of three rivers that flow through the area, namely the Mattupetti, Periavaru, and Nallathanni. The various viewing areas are spaced throughout the area, with spectacular valleys, rolling hills and rivers. Its majestic hills, pristine lakes, and rocky outcrops have made it a popular destination for campers and campers.

Some of the attractions such as the Salim Ali aviary and the invisible Nilgiri Tahr attract tourists from all over the world up here. Located among the beautiful hills of Munnar can be a pristine waterfall called Atukkad Waterfall, where you will find the escape of love. Photopoint is one of the beautiful places in Munnar full of shining streams and calm wood and a great place to take pictures.

5. Kovalam: Kerala

Kovalam – the coastal city of the Arabian Sea is usually located within the boundaries of the city of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. There is a wonderful beauty lying in this city. One of the main reasons this area is considered one of India’s most popular tourist destinations is its beaches. The richness in aquatic diversity of this place makes it one of the most visited places to visit in Kerala.

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Not many people know but there is a beautiful historical site concerning this seaside town. Kovalam first gained prominence when Regent Maharani of Travancore, Sethu Lakshmi Bayi built a maritime resort called Halcyon Castle in 1920. The area then began to receive much attention as tourists from all over the planet began to flock to Kovalam. The main stage where Kovalam was shot was in the mid-1970s when hippies from Ceylon came to Kovalam.

As mentioned earlier, Kovalam can be a popular holiday destination, especially for its beautiful beaches. Where there are beaches, there are seaside resorts that create a truly enjoyable living experience somewhere. Vizhinjam Harbor is located about 3km away and is a popular type of delicious food to serve you. for example, a wide selection of fish items that guests will surely love. Besides, traditional Hindu temples, large ornate churches and thus beautiful temples contain little spiritual knowledge in Kovalam.

6. Kumarakom: Kerala

Kumarakom can be a group of lovely small islands in Lake Vembanad, the largest lake in Kerala in South India. It offers a beautiful view of the blue waters of Kerala surrounded by lush greenery and paddy fields. Given worldwide recognition for its aquatic tourism, the Kumarakom resort is a much-sought-after tourist destination for its beauty and tranquillity. Since solitude and peace are one of Kumarakom’s main offerings, this charming place has something for everyone whether you want to relax, refresh or on a wedding trip.

A beautiful waterfront resort, Kumarakom offers visitors many other leisure options. Whether it’s boating in the most beautiful houses or a refreshing experience of watching the most outstanding birds in the sky, Kumarakom hits the spot in some way. Kumarakom is a delightful place to enjoy the tropical paradise alongside the refreshing Ayurvedic Spas and spiritual escape through some famous tourist attractions. If one wishes to participate in some brave sacrifice, Vembanad can be a real playground. The lake is a popular hotspot for tourists to enjoy activities such as angling, yachting, and boating. For shoppers and foodies too, Kumarakom can be a delight for travellers.

7. Kollam: Places to Visit in Kerala

One of the oldest ports in the Arabian Sea, Kollam may be a local town with a rich history and unique culture. Kollam is located on the southwest coast of Kerala on the Arabian Sea coast. There are many hidden treasures in Kollam yet to be discovered. The port here has been completing its operations since the good governance of ancient Rome. The harbour port of Kollam contains a rich history of Arabs, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, and British who try their luck by trading spices and stocks.

The area is still of high economic value. The sweetness of Kollam is often described in terms of its calm seas, coconut palms, green cashew fields, and traditional villages. Other popular destinations to Kollam are Punalur, Palaruvi Waterfalls, Karunagapally, Mayyanad, Ashtamudi Lake, Amritapuri, Pathanapuram, Aryankavu, and Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary.

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8. Kozhikode: Kerala

Known for its history, Kozhikode is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Kerala. It was the place where Vasco-da-Gama first arrived in India so the origins of the famous Spice route were mapped. It is famous for its beautiful beaches where one can see the magnificent sunset and indulge in delicious seafood. Its amazing site makes this place one of the best places to visit in Kerala.

Some of the places to visit in Kozhikode are Dolphins Point, a lighthouse and therefore Lions Park. The city can be a great tour to plan together with your family and friends if you would like to appreciate some time set within the natural environment.

9. Bakel: Places to Visit in Kerala

A small town located in the Kasaragod region of Kerala, Bekal is one of the best places to visit in Kerala. Bekal is about pristine beaches, lakes and historic castles. The city shares its borders with the Arabian Sea. The village is blessed with a wide variety of tourist attractions and is famous for its natural beauty. Spending time in Bekal and exploring its temples and mosques is the best way to escape the hustle and bustle of lifestyle.

There is a group of 45 caves in Bekal, called the Nityananda Ashram caves that should be visited at least once in a lifetime. Other tourist attractions in Bekal are The Aqua Park, Bekal Fort, Bekal Beach, Kappil Beach, Chandragiri Fort, Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Ananthapura Temple, Nileswaram, Hosdurg Beach, and Malik Deena Mosque.

10. Idukki: Places to Visit in Kerala

To the lost human beings in the forest, the tourist attractions of Idukki acquaint them with the natural beauty and beauty of God’s creation. Idukki, one of the most famous districts in Kerala, has several tourist attractions.

The region, located within the Western Ghats of Kerala, is known locally for its rocky terrain and lush vegetation. The landscape of Idukki is steeped in cliffs, lush vegetation, lakes, tranquil rivers, and cascading waterfalls that impress visitors and leave them with endless memories. Having the names of Painavu, arch dam, poonchira, Idukki shows the spread of its attraction.

The 3 rivers Thodupuzhayar, Periyar, and Thalaya beside its rivers keep the evergreen Idukki. They are not only a source of irrigation and energy supply but also a place for the diversity of flora and fauna that adds beauty to Idukki. Destinations in Idukki range from the famous hill stations, the Wildlife Sanctuaries, to the huge waterfalls, dams, and don’t forget historical sites.

11. Thrissur: Kerala

It is famous for increasing the discipline of the Keralan people, religious buildings, so with the famous Thrissur Pooram, Onam Festival, and Vadakkumnathan Temple, the local town of Thrissur is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala. The culture here is so amazing that Trissurur is named the official cultural capital of Kerala.

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12. Kasargod: Kerala

A trip to South India and the Land of God to discover a treasure that gives visitors many holiday delights. Kasaragod is located within the famous Western Ghats and the farthest location reflects this. Green hills and coconut gardens create beautiful oases as a way to explore yourself while the western Arabian Sea invites you to visit unspoiled beaches. The tourist attractions in Kasargod boast historical buildings, religious sites, traditional worship such as the theme, and art forms such as yakshagana and gombeyaata. If you are lucky enough, you will see festivals like Sarvajanika Ganeshotsava and Mallikarjuna festival festivals.

Like most of Kerala, Kasaragod is extremely suitable for tourists. You will have no difficulty finding accommodations. Getting from one local attraction to another is straightforward and transportation is readily available. However, while it is a popular tourist destination, it does not feel overwhelmed. It still retains the old charm and this gives it a special character.

13. Lockhart Gap ViewPoint

Lockhart Gap ViewPoint can be a viewing area located in Munnar. It is so named because of its heart-shaped appearance. Famous for its spectacular views of neighbouring valleys, mountains, tea gardens, and delightful hiking trails, the Lockhart Gap ViewPoint lets you explore the beauty of a sunset from a special section. It is also famous for its ancient natural rock cave.

Lockhart’s vision enables you to explore Bison Valley and to walk around dense jungles and majestic trails. It is one of the best tourist destinations in Kerala for a weekend getaway with friends and family. These routes also allow you to explore a wide variety of exotic plants and animals. The easiest part of this idea is the cool breeze that creates an orderly picnic area.

14. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary

If you would like to experience the mix of all the tourist attractions in Kerala, then Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary is your destination. This Indian wildlife sanctuary is one of Kerala’s protected areas and includes a world heritage site. With 34 species of mammals, including panthers and spotted deer, this wildlife sanctuary is one of these Indian reserves that any wildlife or nature lover would like to explore.

Cats with rust and large cold-blooded squirrels, called endangered species, are also found here. Mugger Crocodile is a popular species here. With 22 species of amphibians and more than 150 species of butterflies, Chinnar is certainly one of those places that will create butterflies in your stomach. The Chinnar rain forest gives it a natural beauty, complemented by Thoovanam Waterfalls, giving the forest a stunning look.

Visitors are allowed to enjoy nature walks in Chinnar and its banks on the Pamber River, thus allowing them to explore the great squid and watch the birds. Here, adventure lovers can experience the powerful explosion of adrenaline by enjoying natural activities such as hiking. The magnificent beauty makes the backyard ideal for camping. The superintendent here gives a bird’s eye view of the whole area.

15. Varkala

Varkala may be a small town within “God’s Land” and its high, red cliffs make it one of the best places to go. The city is located in the northern hemisphere and can be a major tourist and commercial centre within the municipality of Thiruvananthapuram.

Varkala Beach is one of the city’s most popular attractions and attracts many people a year from all over the country. The blue waters of the black sea coast make the sea unique while the spectacular sunsets are among the things to be proved. The natural beauty of this beach is enhanced by the high, red stones that have been around for years due to the fabrics, which give the whole place a surreal space and make a few amazing views.

If one is trying to find heritage sites here, one should visit the Janardana Swami Temple. The temple is over 2000 years old and is believed to be the sanctuary of King Vishnu. The place is so sacred that it is also called the Southern Varanasi. Opposing places to visit are Kappil Beach, Anjengo Fort, Sivagiri Mutt, Varkala Tunnel, and other ancient temples Varkala is well known for.

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