Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Travel in the World

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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Ibn Battuta

Our life is completed by combining thousands of stories. And every new places that we travel give birth to those stories. But as much as people love travelling, they also love their money. So, in today’s blog we will be looking at some cheap but beautiful countries of the world. While travelling to another country, it becomes really difficult to take record or track of your money. Because we don’t know the exact amount that we will be spending. In this blog for “Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Travel in the World” we will also provide you an expected amount of expense for visiting that particular country. 

Our list for Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Travel in World Includes:

1. Indonesia

2. Mexico

3. Colombia

4. India

5. Vietnam

1. Indonesia: Cheapest Countries to Travel

About Indonesia:

Indonesia: The Emerald of the Equator is like a mandatory place to travel for any nature and beach lover. Indonesia is home for more than 17000 islands, which will take almost a lifetime to explore. 

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This place is famous for its white sand beaches and breathtaking surfing experience. Indonesia will surely bless you with the best scuba diving and amazing picturesque views of the jungle. Above all, almost half of the economy of Indonesia depends on tourism. 

Let’s know more about this one of the Cheapest Countries to Travel.

Expected Expense: 

1. The currency in Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah. 

2. 1 USD is equivalent to about 14,124 IDR. If talking about the budget for accommodation facilities in indonesia. Then you will be easily getting some beautiful guest houses set as pool villas for as little as US$ 20/night. 

3. You can enjoy the mesmerizing view of the roads of Indonesia by taking a bike on rent. There you can rent a motorbike for just a couple of dollars per day.  

4. And for renting cars for a day you will be paying as little as about US$ 15/day.

Places to Visit in Indonesia:

Indonesia is bestowed with some captivating beauties. There are a number of places to visit in Indonesia for amazing beach adventures and scenic landscapes. A few most preferred places to visit are:

1. Bali

2. Raja Ampat

3. Sumatra

4. Sumbawa

5. Lambok

6. Flores Island

7. Gili Islands

8. Komodo Island

Best Time to Visit Indonesia:

The best time to travel to Indonesia is during the dry season. From May to September the days are hot, dry, and there’s not a rain cloud in sight!

You’ll have excellent weather for scuba diving, hiking and lazy days at the beach.

2. Mexico: Cheapest Countries to Travel

About Mexico:

Mexico is an incredibly beautiful place famous for its diverse and delicious cuisine. Whosoever travels to Mexico, they leave a part of their heart in this place. It’s one of a few destinations where we see ourselves living for a longer period of time. 

There are a number of things to do in Mexico. And above all the local residents of this place are super friendly and supportive in nature. 

Discover Mexico City’s vibrant energy and artsy, graffiti-filled neighborhoods, learn about the Mayan civilization at Chichen Itza, and gorge yourself on delicious tacos, tostadas, and tamales. 

We cannot summarize the diverse culture that Mexico offers to its visitors. This place is just worth your time and money. And thereby grabs second position in the list of top 5 Cheapest Countries to Visit in World.

Expected Expense:

1. The Mexican Currency Peso is about US$ 1 equates to 19 Peso. 

2. The lowest prices offered by hotels in Mexico are as little as US$ 6.50 and the average lies somewhere around US$ 10 for a night. 

3. If you are looking for a better or private hotel then it will cost you about US$ 30 for a night.

4. No matter where you stay in Mexico, almost all the hotels offer you free wifi and breakfast. 

In Mexico you will be able to find all kinds of drinks in an affordable budget that ranges between US$ 1 to US$ 7. 

5. Even the food won’t cost you much in Mexico. But do remember to not over pay for anything. 

Some money saving tips for your mexico trip can be:

1. Eat Market Food that will cover up only in about a dollar or so. 

2. By traveling between late April and early December, you can pick up bargain accommodation, food and travel rates as this is low season.

3. Alcohol is cheap in Mexico, but it’s definitely more expensive at bars and clubs. Try to buy your alcohol from a local store instead of drinking at the bar if you’re on a budget.

Places to Visit in Mexico:

Though Mexico offers a diverse culture, there are still a few places that need your attention. These places includes:

1. Cancun

2. Tulum

3. Cozumel

4. Huatulco

5. Mexico City

6. Zacatecas

7. Playa del Carmen

8. Guanajuato

Best Time to Visit Mexico: 

December to the end of April (winter) is the busiest tourist season as temperatures are hot, but the coastal areas provide plenty of relief for vacationers. This is the best time to visit if you’re looking to take advantage of Mexico’s tropical environment. It’s the dry season, so you’ll experience very little rain. 

The average daily temperature during this time is 82°F (28°C). But if you’re in the mountains, pack lots of layers! It can get frigid, especially in the evenings.

3. Colombia: Cheapest Countries to Travel

About Colombia:

Colombia is the centre of attraction for tourists visiting South America. People who visit this country, often spend weeks embracing the beauty of this place. Colombia is home to about 10% of biodiversity of the whole world. 

From remarkable scenery to lush green jungles and beaches, this place will have a nice corner in your heart. In your whole trip to Colombia, you can enjoy Trek to the lost city, fall in love with Medellin, have a walk to Corcora Valley and many more things. You will surely enjoy your stay in this one of the Cheapest Countries to travel.

Expected Expense: 

1. Most of the hotel rooms in Colombia will cost you between US$ 9 to US$ 14 for a night.

2. In small cities of Colombia you can even get them by paying as low as about US$ 7 for a night.

3. A meal at any restaurant in Colombia that serves local food will cost you somewhere around US$ 3-US$ 5.

4. If you go in the countryside of Colombia then your meal can also get done in about US $ 1- US$ 2.5 USD.

5. Beer at the bar can be found for as little asUS $ 0.75 but, on average, you’re likely to pay double that for a backpacker bar.

6. Cocktails, which are becoming really popular here, cost around US$ 6.

7. Most hostels have kitchens so you can make yourself breakfast and sandwiches to lower your food costs if you want.

Places to Visit in Colombia:

1. Cartagena

2. Medellin

3. Bogotá

4. The Lost City

5. Tayrona National Natural Park

6. Leticia

7. Eje Cafetero

8. Providencia Island

9. Mompox

10. Caño Cristales

Best Time to Visit Colombia:

Colombia’s dry season runs from December to March, and it’s the ideal time for exploring the country — especially if you are escaping the winter months in areas to the country’s north. However, the Caribbean coast of the country’s climate changes little throughout the year, so feel free to plan your visits year-round.

4. India: Cheapest Countries to Travel

About India:

India is the epitome of diversity and eye catching views. Whether you are a mountain lover or beach lover, want an adventurous vacation or peacefully sound nature, India has everything that you need. 

From high sky mountains to lush green grasslands and from barren deserts to dense forests, your eyes will be bestowed with a breathtaking beauty of India. 

All your travel expectations and desires will end up in this amazingly pretty place. There are countless number of places to visit in India and it can take a lifetime to completely explore this heaven. 

This place has the beauty of silent villages to loud metropolitan cities and what not. 

The words may fall less if we try to write everything about India. But this is one the most beautiful place in the list of Cheapest Countries to travel in world.

 Expected Expense:

1. US$ 1 falls around 73.48 Indian Rupee, making this place extremely cheap for travellers.

2. If we talk about the charges of accommodation facilities in India, then it depends on the part of the country you are in. 

3. But on an average it ranges between US$ 4 to US$ 15 for a night, depending upon the state. 

4. In India you can easily book bikes, cars or scooty to travel across the parts of any state in just a couple of dollars. 

5. The food offered by India is extremely tasty as well as cheap and you can get a perfect meal for US$ 2 a day. 

6. The local transport in India is very budget friendly and you can easily hop around the whole country by using their local transport. 

Best Places to Visit:

As we have already mentioned, there are countless number of places in India to visit and enjoy. But still if you want a brief of some best places to visit in India then it will include:

1. Leh Ladakh

2. Himalayan Ranges

3. Meghalaya

4. Mumbai

5. Goa

6. Munnar

7. Kerala

8. Gujarat

9. Amritsar

10. Delhi

11. Rajasthan

12. Sikkim

And many more, it will take a life to fully explore each corner of India. 

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Best Time to Visit India:

You can visit this place in any season. The diverse nature of India welcomes you in all the weather. 

5. Vietnam: Cheapest Countries to Travel

About Vietnam:

A land of staggering natural beauty and cultural complexities, of dynamic megacities and hill-tribe villages, Vietnam is both exotic and compelling.

This place has ample of things to offer you in your journey to Vietnam. From the natural beauty of Sam Mountain and Halong Bay to the man-made artistry of the sacred temples, this place will fill your heart with colours. 

While you stay in Vietnam don’t forget to wander around in Hanoi, get some adventure in sapa and tour the Mekong Delta. 

Expected Expense: 

1. You can find hotels for around US$ 4/ night for the most basic accommodation.

2. For a bit nicer place you can expect to pay double.

3. If you want to go for private hotels then the expected budget would be US$ 12 – US$ 15 per night.

4. You can get a meal in Vietnam for less than a dollar, which is the best thing about this place. And makes it one of the cheapest Countries to travel.

5. Most sit-down restaurants are also inexpensive at around $4 USD.

6. Even the drinks and other beverages are also very inexpensive for around US$ 1 – US$ 2. 

7. Bus travel is very cheap in Vietnam. The public bus around Ho Chi Minh City will cost a maximum of US$ 1 per ride.

8. Overnight buses, while uncomfortable, are in between US$ 4 – US$ 20 and can take you to lots of cities in Vietnam (this will also save you a night of paying for accommodation).

Places to Visit: 

1. Halong Bay

2. Hue

3. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

4. Hoi An

5. Sapa Countryside

6. Hanoi

7. Nha Trang

8. Mekong Delta

9. Mui Né

10. Ho Chi Minh City

Best Time to Visit Vietnam:

In the southern part of Vietnam, the dry season goes from December to late April/May, and the rainy season occurs from May to the end of November. Rainy season usually just means brief heavy downpours in the afternoon. Although sometimes the Mekong Delta will flood. May through November is still a good time to visit.

In Northern Vietnam, the weather is most pleasant from October to December. The weather in Vietnam varies so much per region, it’s hard to pick a best time to go! 

But generally it’s recommended to visit sometime between September-December and March-April if you’re hoping to get an overall experience in the country.

This was all for “Top 5 Cheapest Countries to Visit in the World”.

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